The text below is copied from the Gokan Ozcifci's post on TechNet Wiki Ninja blog with heavy edits.


What is the Microsoft Technical French Contributor?

MTFC is a collaboration between French Wiki Ninjas. In March 2013, Yagamoth555 was hunting, not on witches but on Microsoft Titles. You can check his article. He found something very interesant, the “Microsoft Technical Audience Contributor” that wasn’t an official affiliation to Microsoft.

We do not remember where the idea was from, or who send the first mail but 4 people nicknamed the "Fantastic Four" by
Gokan Ozcifci decided to emulate the success of the Brazilian Community, in French! And create something like the MTAC.

They created the MTCF = Microsoft Technical French Contributor.
So what is this MTFC?

Many of you are Moderators on TechNet Forums. The French community is actually doing something that many other Forums do: calls for contributions.

You can check Florin Cuica’s post here: - This has been a sticky note on each Microsoft Product forum.  


A group of Wiki contributors is tracking the winners of each platform and send them an email to say

  • THANK YOU for contributing 
  • You are now been nominated as a MTFC
  • Please update your Profile Name!
  • The author also receives a little certification or Badge.

Updating the Profile Name is very important. This will awake the interest of other contributors and push them to contribute more. The Flow is as following:


If you have any questions or remarks please don’t hesitate to take contact:



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