This article is going to share the information on:
  1. how to repeat headers for each group
  2. how to overcome this error:
"An error occurred during local report processing .
The definition of the report '/Report ' is invalid .
The tablix 'Tablix' has a detailed member with inner members. Detail members can only contain static inner members."

For example, consider the following sample data:

DECLARE @Tmp TABLE (Country VARCHAR(30),City VARCHAR(30),Population INT)
INSERT @Tmp SELECT 'India','CHN',100
INSERT @Tmp SELECT 'India','MUM',400
INSERT @Tmp SELECT 'India','KOL',300

Create Data source (providing server name, login credentials & database name) and then create Dataset as shown below:

 Drag & drop List from Toolbox (or right-click on report body Insert - > List) on to the report body
and then drag & drop Table from Toolbox inside the List as shown below:

Then assign Dataset columns to the report Table columns:

After assigning columns, if we preview the report we will end up with the error shown below:

Again go to the Design Pane, click on the List - > at the bottom, go to Row Groups - > =(Details) ->
in the drop down list click on Group Properties ... 
Under Group Properties, follow the settings as shown in images below:

Now again click on Preview Pane and you will notice headers repeated for each group:

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