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Each column, local variable, parameter, and expression has a data type.  The data type specifies the kind of data that the column, variable, parameter, or expression can contain.  The data type informs the system how to interpret bit patterns.

SQL Data Sync supports a subset of Windows Azure SQL Database data types.  The first table below lists SQL Database data types supported by SQL Data Sync. The second table lists the SQL Database data types currently not supported by SQL Data Sync.

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Supported Data Types

Data Type Category

Supported SQL Database Data Type

Exact Numbers

Supported:  bigint, bit, decimal, int, money, numeric, smallint, smallmoney, tinyint.

Approximate Numbers

Supported:  float, real.

Date and Time

Supported:  date, datetime2, datetime, datetimeoffset, smalldatetime, time.

Character Strings

Supported: char, varchar, text.

Unicode Character Strings

Supported:  nchar, nvarchar, ntext.

Binary Strings

Supported:  binary, varbinary, image.


Supported:  no supported spatial data types

Other Data Types

Supported:  sql_variant, table, uniqueidentifier, xml.


Unsupported Data Types

Data Type Category

Unsupported Data Type

Spatial Data Types

Not supported:  geography, geometry.


Not supported


Not supported


Not supported

XML Data Types

Not supported:  XmlSchemaCollection

Other Data Types

Not supported:  cursor, timestamp, hierarchyid

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