Sometimes you must use the HTML editor to get exactly what you want in a forum post. An example is when you need to strikeout some text. This places a horizontal line through the middle of the text, indicating it is removed. You must use the HTML editor for this and enclose the text in the proper tags.

First enter the text in the normal forums dialog for posting a question, discussion, or reply. An example is shown below. Then click the icon at the top labeled "HTML" to enter the HTML editor. The icon is circled in red in the image below:

In the HTML editor find the text you want to strikeout. In the example above, the text in the HTML editor appears as below:

Enclose the text in span style tags that specify the line-through text decoration. For example, to strike out the words "hello world":

<span style="text-decoration: line-through;">hello world</span>

as shown in the image below:

When  you click the "Update" button you return to the normal text editor, as shown below, with the specified text shown with the strikeout:

Finally, when you click the "Submit" button, your reply will appear as follows:

It should be noted that other tags that might work in other environments (such as Microsoft Word or Internet Explorer), will not work in the forums. For example, the following will not work and the tags are simply ignored:

<strike>hello world</strike>

<del>hello world</del>


This article is based on the forums discussion in this thread in the "Forums Issues" forum, where the solution was provided by Derosnec:

HTML code not working

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