DataDefractor SSIS by Interactive Edge is a custom Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS) data flow source component designed to extract fact data and dimensional metadata from various unstructured and semi-structured data sources. Once the data is extracted, DataDefractor normalizes it and feeds it into the SSIS pipeline.

Typical use-case scenarios for DataDefractor include extracting fact and dimensional data from unstructured enterprise Excel worksheet reports, Excel PivotTable reports, flat files, text files and CSV files and feeding it into an enterprise data warehouse, a data mart, directly into a Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services OLAP cube or any destination or transformation supported by SQL Server 2005 Integration Services.

DataDefractor's Main Features include:

  • Nested multi-paged data sources
  • Automatic report header discovery
  • Flexible fact region definitions
  • Freeform dimension attribute modeling
  • Regular-expression-based attribute stream extractions
  • Cross-tab/cross-axis attribute stream modeling
  • Multi-report loading (the same extraction schema could be applied to multiple input reports)
  • Automatic surrogate key generation
  • 64-bit platform support

You can see a demo movie and/or you can download free DataDefractor to see it in action with your own data sources.

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