ETI products provide high performance data integration capabilities for data synchronization, migration and composite data services for SOA initiatives. As a complement to ETL, EAI, SOA and data warehousing technologies, ETI’s data integration platform extends the value of IT investments by providing high performance connectivity and transformations as organizations combine legacy and proprietary data sources with current technologies like SQL Server and SQL Server Integration Services.

View the SQL Server Magazine On-Demand Webcast with Stacy Miller, ETI chief architect and Dan Lindstead, industry analyst discussing SSIS and ETI High Performance Connectivity.

Download a recent white paper on ETI High Performance Connectivity for SQL Server 2005 and SSIS from the ETI Web site, written by Dan Linstead, an internationally known expert in data warehousing, BI, analytics, very large data warehousing, OLTP, performance and tuning.

The following table shows the high performance connectivity options available from ETI.  For more information on ETI, visit ETI's web site at

Data Source/ Destination  Released By Data Access API Supported Database Version Vendor Support with SSIS? 64-bit support?
Teradata ETI Fast Export HPC V2R5 and later Yes, HPC (*) Yes
Teradata ETI Native V2R5 and later Yes, BTO (**) No
SQL Server ETI Native: OLE DB, Fast load 2000 and later Yes, BTO (**) No
DB2 ETI Fast data load HPC zSeries(mainframe), UDB 7.0, iSeries(AS400) and later Yes, HPC(*) Yes
DB2 ETI Native: embedded SQL, Autoloader, Load Windows 7.0 and later,AIX 5.x, 7.0 and later, AS400 4.5 and later, z/OS, UDB 7.0 and later Yes, BTO (**) Yes
Oracle ETI Fast data load HPC Windows, UNIX Yes, HPC (*) Yes
Oracle ETI Native: embedded SQL, SQL*LOADER 7.0 and later; Windows, UNIX Yes, BTO (**) Yes
ADABAS ETI Native: indexed, sequential; unloading data only Version 2006 and later; Linux, Unix, Mainframe Yes, BTO (**) No
Sybase ETI Native Version 10 and later Yes, BTO (**) No
Informix ETI Native: relational Version 7 and later Yes, BTO (**) No
SAP ETI Native: ALE, IDOC, navigational R3 Yes, BTO (**) No
IDMS ETI Native: navigational; unloading data only Version 10.2, 12 and later Yes, BTO (**) No
File databases ETI Native: sequential, random, dynamic Fixed or delimited file formats: XML, VSAM, Change Data Capture(CDC), log files, etc.; Platforms: Windows AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, MVS Yes, BTO (**) No
SAS ETI Native; unloading data only 9.0 and later Yes, BTO (**) No
IMS ETI Native: indexed, sequential Version 4.1 or later Yes, BTO (**) No
WebSphere MQ, MQSeries ETI Native: Sequential (MQSeries Queue Message) 5.0 (UNIX, Windows) or later; 2.0 (MVS) or later; Platforms: Windows, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, mainframe, Linux Yes, BTO (**) No
Applications ETI Native: flat file Oracle Financials, Business Objects, Cognos, BizTalk, SIEBEL, PeopleSoft, etc. Yes, BTO (**) No
EAI Products ETI Native webMethods, Vitria, SeeBeyond, Tibco, etc. Yes, BTO (**) No


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