This is a list of typical things that you can do right now, to get started helping out at TechNet Wiki.

List of Checks for Every TechNet Wiki Article

Please add the checks you normally do, so we can all work together for a better Wiki.

1. Tags

There are obviously thousands of tags in the Wiki. Here is a top list of the most common and important tags you can check for:

You may find other common tags in this article Wiki: Common Tags.

Common technology tags in this article TechNet Wiki: Technology Tags

2. Content

  • Article title in "Title case" (e. g. not all CAPS)
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Enhance the "See Also" section
  • Tidy formatting, like paragraphs and proper headings
  • Remove common abbreviations used in forums messages such as BTW, AFAIK, IMHO from the articles - such abbreviations should be spelled fully
  • Try to make sure that technical abbreviations used have a link explaining them to the person who may not be familiar with the technology
  • Pay attention to the language and avoid slang or jargon expressions, try to use clean language

3. Layout

  • Add Table of Contents marker ([TOC]), when needed (the article has enough body and structure)
  • Add a See Also section
  • Use proper casing (NOT ALL CAPS) for
    • titles (use title casing)
    • headers (use title casing)
    • tags  
  • Use default fonts, colors and layout as much as possible (to keep consistency)


  • Check HTML tags (like nested or deformed header tags) and other broken/useless HTML
  • Check Code section - it is better to use Code block button with appropriate language
  • Check correct RGB color names (not values) are used - this is for Advanced Editors
  • Make sure the header <a name=> tags don't include the number "0" (zero). If the header includes the "0" number, then the <a name=> script includes the zero and then the header doesn't appear in the TOC. So just remove the "0" from the <a name=> script. For example, change "<a name=SQL_Server_2008></a>" to "<a name=SQL_Server_8></a>" instead.
  • If you see a table which has columns cut off on the right side, you may try fixing it by adding the following tag <div style='overflow:scroll'>table here</div> (thanks to Tord Glad Nordahl for this tip)

5. Improvements

  • Any additional content that advances the article
  • Links to other articles, especially in the See Also section
  • Comments on the article - encouragement, congratulations, questions or criticisms

Combining Edits

We need to emphasize, that when you're editing an article, even if you initially came to just fix an incorrect tag or add a tag, it may be a good idea to read this article as a whole and see, if there are other things that may need fixing such as typos or bad formatting. This way, you do most of your edits at once. If you do a lot of individual edits, it might make the author or others think that you're trying to do that on purpose. So it's best to combine edits, when possible.

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