SharePoint has breadcrumb that works across the site. If you navigate to the list, you will find the breadcrumb will be hidden as you select items or list ribbon . Also if you add the list view webpart in a page, and navigate to any folder/subfolder, the navigation will be missing there altogether.

What if we could have a folder navigation or breadcrumb for list as shown below?


With new Client Side Rendering feature in SharePoint 2013, it's now possible to render the breadcrumb for list/library as shown above. I've developed and published the source code in MSDN code gallery.

More details are published in my blog.

How it works and how to use?

Basically I've utilized the Client Side Rendering concept and developed a JS file. First the js file needs to be deployed in master page gallery or in layout folder. Then in the list/library web part settings, the js file links need to be provided as shown below:


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