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PowerShell User Group Listing

  1. If you have attended, spoken at, or led a PowerShell-focused user group recently, please add or update it in the table below. Make sure you check the data in existing listings to the best of your knowledge, and update the Last Edited and Editor columns so we can see it's still active.
  2. If you see a group which has not been updated in the last six months, please move it to the Inactive Groups section below.
  3. Please add groups by region and country, rather than by group name.
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Tampa PowerShell User Group Phoenix PowerShell Users Group Omaha PowerShell User Group PDX PowerShell User Group
Country/Region City/Town Group Name (and link) Meeting Schedule Contact Last Edited Editor
US - Northeast
Boston, MA
Meetup, Twitter, GitHub, Slack
Monthly Steve Parankewich, Warren Frame 2016-11-14 Kanji Bates

US - Northeast

Second Monday of every month Doug Finke
Sunny Chakraborty
2016-11-14 Doug Finke
 US - Northeast  Hartford, CT Hartford Powershell User Group  Monthly Chuck Boyce 2017-08-09 Chuck Boyce
US - East Charlotte, NC Charlotte PowerShell Users Group
First Thursday of each month Brian Wilhite 2016-11-14 Brian Wilhite
US - Northeast Grand Rapids, MI GRPosh  Monthly, first Wednesday each month Thomas Malkewitz 2016-11-14 Thomas 'dotps1' Malkewitz
US - Midwest Omaha, NE Omaha PowerShell User Group Last Tuesday of each month Boe Prox
Josh Duffney 
2017-07-05  Boe Prox 
US Mid-Atlantic Washington, DC
DC PowerShell Enthusiasts
Fourth Wednesday, each month Stephen Mathews
2018-04-18 Chirishman
US - Northwest Portland, OR PDX PowerShell User Group 2nd Wednesday, monthly

Bill Hurt 2016-11.14 Bill Hurt
Europe Amsterdam, Netherlands Dutch Powershell User Group (Slack) (GitHub) varies Jeff Wouters, Jaap Brasser 2016-11-15 Jaap Brasser
Europe Mechelen, Belgium Belgian PowerShell User Group varies Luc Dekens 2016-9-5 LucD22
Europe Stockholm PUGS (PowerShell User Group Sweden) varies Niklas Akerlund,

Fredrik Wall,

Daniel Sorlov,

Simon Wahlin
2016-11-13 vNiklas
Canada/America Montreal, Quebec Montreal PowerShell User Group Bi-Weekly Francois-Xavier Cat 2016-11-13 Francois-Xavier Cat (LazyWinAdmin)
Virtual/Online Virtual/Online French PowerShell User Group Monthly Francois-Xavier Cat
Micky Balladelli
Stephane Van Gulick
Fabien Dibot
2016-11-14 Francois-Xavier Cat (LazyWinAdmin)
Europe United-Kindom
[London, Manchester, Scotland]
UK PowerShell User Groups Monthly Ryan Rates
Gael Colas
Iain Brighton
Corey Burke
Ebru Cucen
Paul Broadwith 
2016-11-13 Gael Colas
Singapore Singapore SG PowerShell User Group Monthly Milton Goh

Matthew Hitchcock

Benjamin Hodge

Sebastian Szumigalski
2016-11-14 Milton Goh
US - Southeast Tampa, Florida Tampa PowerShell User Group Monthly Jeff Truman
Blain Barton
Arizona  Phoenix, AZ Arizona PowerShell Users Group Monthly  Thom Schumacher 2016-11-14 Thom Schumacher
Europe Germany GPSUG varies Christian Lehrer
Tobias Weltner
David das Neves
2016-11-14 David das Neves
Europe Nuremberg #region Nürnberg varies Christian Lehrer 2016-11-14 David das Neves
Europe Munich #region Munich varies David das Neves 2016-11-14 David das Neves
Europe Stuttgart #region Stuttgart starting 2017 Friedrich Weinmann 2016-11-14 David das Neves
Europe Vienna PowerShell Usergroup Austria Quarterly Patrick Wahlmüller
Roman Stadlmair
Virtual/Online Virtual/Online Mississippi PowerShell User Group Second Tuesday each month Mike F Robbins
Rohn Edwards
2016-11-14 Mike F Robbins
US - Southwest  Dallas, TX PowerShell SIG of the NTPCUG Third Saturday each month Josh Miller
Larry Weiss
2016-11-14 Larry Weiss
US - Southwest Austin, TX ATXPowerShell First Thursday Ricc Babbitt
Aditi Satam
 2017-05-25 Ricc Babbitt
US - West Irvine, CA SoCal PowerShell  First Tuesday Kevin Marquette
David Christian
2017-09-24 Kevin Marquette
US - Northeast Philadelphia, PA PhillyPosh (website, Twitter, GitHub, YouTube) First Thursday of each month John Mello
Lido Paglia
2016-11-16 John Mello
US - Midwest Cincinnati, OH CincyPSUG (website, Twitter, GitHub, meetup) Tuesdays or Thursdays 3rd or 4th week Jay Ryan
Chris Brucker
2016-11-17 Jay Ryan
US - Midwest St. Louis, MO STLPSUG (Twitter, GitHub, Waffle, MeetUp, YouTube) Third Thursday of each month Mike Lombardi, Ken Maglio
2017-06-29 Mike Lombardi
US - Midwest Springfield,MO SWMOPSUG First Tuesday of each month Mike Shepard 2017-6-29 Mike Shepard
India Bangalore PSBUG
Monthly Ravikanth Chaganti
Deepak Dhami (DexterPOSH)
2016-11-20 DexterPOSH
Myanmar Yangon Yangon PowerShell User Group, Twitter varies Sebastian Szumigalski, Zaw Naign Lin 2017-04-12 Sebastian Szumigalski
Philippines Manila Manila PowerShell User Group, Twitter varies Sebastian Szumigalski, John Rei 2017-04-12 Sebastian Szumigalski
US - Southeast Atlanta Atlanta PowerShell Users group Monthly  Mark Schill
Will Murphy
Stephen Owen
Drew Burt
2017-1-27 Drew Burt
US - North Minneapolis, MN MN PowerShell Automation Group Second Tuesday of each month Tim Curwick,
Mike McAlpin,
Joe Artz
2017-8-7 Tim Curwick
Europe Poland, Wroclaw
PPoSh - Polish PowerShell User Group (GitHub, Twitter)
Monthly PPoSh
Mateusz Czerniawski,
Tomasz Dabrowski,
Pawel Jarosz
2017-05-01 Mateusz Czerniawski
US - South
Chattanooga, TN
Monthly James Petty
2017-07-05 James Petty
 Scotland Covers all if Scotland
Scottish PowerShell & DevOps User Group:
Last Wednesday of every month
Paul Broadwith
2018-02-27 Paul Broadwith
US - Southwest Denver, CO Denver PowerShellers
 Monthly Jason Morgan 2018-04-11 Mike hashemi

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Inactive Groups

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Country/Region City/Town Group Name (and link) Meeting Schedule Contact Last Edited Editor
US - South Corpus Christi, TX, Corpus Christi PowerShell User Group

US Mid-Atlantic Reston, VA NoVa PowerShell Fourth Wednesday, each month Chris Hunt 2018-04-16 Chirishman

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User Groups Without Information

There are a lot of old user group listings in various places on this wiki and on -- since is closing at the end of the year, I've copied this list here in an attempt to start preserving the information about groups which haven't been posted to TechNet yet. Please feel free to visit the links below and investigate, and if you can find any information leading to an active group, move them into the tables above.

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