"Internet Explorer 10 continues to provide key security and performance features from earlier versions of the browser. For example, tools like the SmartScreen filter help protect corporate customers from socially engineered malware. Hardware acceleration ensures that web apps are fast, and Internet Explorer 10 supports Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 7, and Quirks compatibility view.

In addition, Internet Explorer 10 supports modern standards like HTML5, CSS3, and SVG to give corporate developers the ability to build more powerful web apps. The underlying platform is fully interoperable across both browsing experiences available in Internet Explorer 10, enabling developers to write the same markup for both experiences. Internet Explorer is also plug-in free. Line-of-business applications that require legacy ActiveX controls can use Internet Explorer for the desktop.

IT pros continue to enjoy extensive management and configuration support in Internet Explorer 10, with over 1500 group policies available." [TechNet Library]

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