Microsoft SQL Server logoMicrosoft® SQL Server™ is a database management and analysis system for e-commerce, line-of-business, and data warehousing solutions. In this wiki, you will find articles related to SQL Server 2012 by Features, Server Component or Management tools. You can find the full SQL Server Help documentation on the TechNet Library.

SQL Server 2012 version, includes enhanced XML support, integration of .NET Framework objects in databases, improved integration with Microsoft Visual Studio and the Microsoft Office System, as well as improved analysis, reporting, and data integration services. See SQL Server Versions.

Server Component

SQL Server Database Engine


Analysis Services


Reporting Services


Integration Services


Master Data Services

Troubleshoot Installation and Configuration Issues (Master Data Services in SQL Server 2012) 

Management Tools

SQL Server Management Studio


SQL Server Configuration Manager


SQL Server Profiler


Database Engine Tuning Advisor


Data Quality Client


SQL Server Data Tools


Connectivity Components



Cross-Box Scale Limits


High Availability

Demo Transcript: Configuring SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn Failover Clustering
  Presentation Transcript: SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn Availability Group Connectivity 

Scalability and Performance

Perform Scalar Aggregates and Still get the Benefit of Batch Processing  
  SQL Server Columnstore Index FAQ 
  SQL Server Columnstore Performance Tuning 
  Ghost "Rows" Buster in SQL Server




SQL Server Replication Technologies 

Management Tools

How to convert Unicode Data to ASCII and back in SQL server 

RDBMS Manageability


Development Tools



How to Check the Syntax of Dynamic SQL Before Execution  
  How to Compare Two Tables Definition / Metadata in Different Databases 
  How To Find Various Day, Current Week, Two Week, Month, Quarter, Half Year and Year In SQL Server 
  How to Put a Sequence in a Column Already filled 
  Microsoft SQL Server 2012 New Functions 

MVC 4.5 Areas and SQL Server 2012 Schemas Dichotomy 
  Sequence Object in SQL Server 2012 
  SET ANSI_PADDING Setting and Its Importance 
  Using TRY_CONVERT in SQL Server 2012 

Integration Services

Load Text File Unicode and Non-Unicode Using Integration Service  

Integration Services-Advanced Adapters


Integration Services-Advanced Transforms


Master Data Services


Data Warehouse


Analysis Services


BI Semantic Model (Multidimensional)


BI Semantic Model (Tabular)


PowerPivot for SharePoint


Data Mining


Reporting Services


Business Intelligence Clients


Spatial and Location Services


Additional Database Services


Data Quality Service

Community Resources for Data Quality Services (DQS) 
  Data Quality Services (DQS)  

Other Components


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SQL Server Samples Readme    


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SQL Server 2012 Developer Training Kit BOM


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