This Exchange TechNet Wiki page contains information around which clients that currently supports the Exchange 2010 personal archive.

Clients Supporting the Personal Archive

Below is a list of clients that have support for the Exchange 2010 personal archive:

Note: The list of clients that support personal archives is also provided in the official Exchange 2010 product documentation.
  • Outlook Web App 2010 (OWA 2010) RTM and later

  • Outlook 2010 Professional RTM and later

note Note
Unlike Outlook 2010, an Outlook 2007 will not show the personal archive for any additional mailboxes added to an Outlook profile. Outlook 2007 will only show the personal archive for the primary mailbox.

  • Outlook 2003  Microsoft will not provide an update that makes it possible to access the Personal Archive Mailbox from Outlook 2003 clients.

Office License Requirements

To use Personal Archive or retention policies requires a Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 account with Microsoft Exchange Server Enterprise Client Access License (CAL) and one of the following Microsoft Outlook licenses:

Outlook retail licenses

  • Outlook 2010 (except Outlook 2010 included with Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 or Microsoft Office Professional 2010)
  • Outlook 2007* (except Outlook 2007 included with Microsoft Office Basic 2007 or Microsoft Office Professional 2007)
  • Outlook 2007* included with Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate

Outlook volume licenses


note Note
These licenses are available through volume licensing only. For more information, see Microsoft Volume Licensing Programs.


  • Outlook 2010
  • Outlook 2010 included with Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus (Microsoft Office 2010 Standard not supported)
  • Outlook 2007*
  • Outlook 2007* included with Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Plus (Microsoft Office 2007 Standard not supported)
For additional information see: License requirements for Personal Archive and retention policies.

What about Outlook 2011 for Mac (Entourage)?

Outlook 2011 for Mac (formerly known as Entourage) and previous versions of the Mac client do not include support for accessing the personal archive. However the Mac Business group is looking at supporting this with a future update but there's no confirmation or time line though.

What about Exchange ActiveSync Devices?

None of the devices supporting the Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) protocol have support for accessing the personal archive yet. This includes Windows Phone 7 and iPhone 4 based devices.

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