The GPOAccelerator was a popular utility, but it has been replaced by the Security Compliance Manager (SCM) tool and the Local Policy Tool (LPT). Together these tools provide many more capabilities than the GPOAccelerator, including the capacity to customize baselines and generate Group Policy objects (GPOs), DCM Configuration Packs, SCAP content, and Excel workbooks based on them. After  you install the SCM tool the installation package for LPT becomes available. You should be able to launch the installation package from the Start Menu, the default location is Start > All Programs > Microsoft Security Compliance Manager > LocalGPO.

LPT is designed to assist you with several tasks:

  • Applying a security baseline to a stand-alone computer by applying a group policy backup to the local Group Policy.

  • Exporting the local Group Policy of a computer to a group policy backup file.

  • Updating the user interface of the Group Policy management tools to show additional security settings introduced in the Microsoft security baselines, i.e. the settings with the MSS: prefix.

For more information see Introducing the Local Policy Tool in each of the security guides and in the help content for SCM.