1. In MVC application is built into three independent ingredient Mode-View-Controller. Application complex logic’s are separated them.
  2. That provide more manageability maintainable and testability. As a result, you can write clean and easy code.
  3. Built-in HTML helper methods are available. Also integrate able with client side Java Script framework  
  4. MVC Framework encourages you to craft simple, elegant mark-up styled with CSS.
  5. ASP.NET MVC–generated pages don’t contain any ViewState data. For that page size can be hundreds of kilobytes smaller than ASP.NET WebForms.Beause unnecessary hidden data are not transferred through view ViewState.
  6. Due to RESTful interface for URL search engines give considerable weight.
  7. User friendly navigational facility through browser’s address bar.
  8. MVC uses the brand-new System.Web.Routing facility to give you clean URLs by default. This gives you total control over your URL schema and its mapping to your controllers and actions. It doesn’t pointlessly expose the technical details, folder, and file name structure of your application
  9. MVC is based on the core .NET platform, It provide flexibility to write code in any .NET language and access the same API features, not just in MVC.
  10. ASP.NET MVC support Test driven development and unit testing frameworks.

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