The text below is copied from the Gokan Ozcifci's post on TechNet Wiki Ninja blog with heavy edits.

What is the Microsoft Technical Turkish Contributor?

MTTC is a collaboration between Ed Price, Bruno Lewin and Gokan Ozcifci for rewarding Turkish Contributors. Like the Microsoft Technical French Contributor award we want a new award system for the Turkish Contributors.

So we created the MTTC = Microsoft Technical Turkish Contributor.

TURKISH COUNCIL: Translation Center & TechNet Wiki Turkish Council

Like the WIKI PAGE that Ed Price is asking us to fill for the Planning we (the Turkish Council) will have a similar page. We will put every new, translated or modified page here so this page will be the “first point of contact” for each new contributor. No need to search hours for a specific Turkish page if it has been translated or created, just check and find. Even if somebody wants a new translated article he can ask it just by editing the page and if there is no name; it will be translated by my army!   


The Turkish Community got also his own forum on the TechNet: So The Turkish army will no more send mails, no more chat and no more calls! Everything will be done here to keep it alive!

Kick Off

Here are the first meeting minutes of our first virtual meeting on Skype! If anybody is interested joining us, please let me know!

  • Each Turkish Council member will work independently but will not forget that we are a team!
  • Each Turkish Council member will try to insert A MINIMUM of 2 articles a week
    • 2 articles X 6 members = 12 articles a week
    • 12 articles X 4 weeks = 48 articles per month at least
  • They do this job only for the "Community" to get a stronger "Turkish Community"
  • All Created or Translated article will be placed under:    
  • At the end of each month we can see the Most Active Turkish Contributor so he - or hopefully ever a she - can deserve the MTTC Award. 

TAT Team

After several Mail exchanges I’m proud to present you my volunteer Turkish Army who will boost the Turkish Language Ranking!


If you have any questions or remarks please don’t hesitate to take contact:



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