BgInfo is a very useful tool that allows having a background Wallpaper showing some information about your system. This usually saves time when collecting details about systems you manage or when troubleshooting issues on them.

To centrally apply BgInfo on administrative accounts you use, you can simply use a Group Policy Logon script. The following approach shows how this could be done.

1. Prepare the Background Wallpaper to apply via BgInfo

You need to:

Remark: It is important that the location of output bitmap for BigInfo is a folder on which the user has Read / Write access. If this is not true, the bitmap wallpaper would not be generated. To change the location of the output bitmap, click on Bitmap > Location …. By default, User’s temporary files directory option is used – You can keep it as it is if you do not want to choose another location.

2. Prepare a Logon Script to run BgInfo:

You can use the following script to run BgInfo:

reg add HKU\.DEFAULT\Software\Sysinternals\BGInfo /v EulaAccepted /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f

\\Server\Share\Bginfo.exe \\Server\Share\template.bgi /TIMER:00 /nolicprompt

\\Server\Share\ is a shared folder on which you have the following files:

  • Bginfo.exe
  • Template.bgi: This is the BgInfo template your saved in the previous step

These commands can be saved in a .bat file.

3. Apply BgInfo logon script using a Group Policy:

To apply BgInfo logon script using a Group Policy, proceed like the following:

  • Create a new GPO then go to User Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Scripts (Logon/Logoff) and then double-click on Logon

  • Select your BgInfo logon script and then click on OK

After that, you need to link your Group Policy to the Organizational Unit containing the administrative accounts on which it will be applied.

Note: You can consider to use BGinfo with GPP.

If you would like to have BgInfo logon script applied on specific servers, you can consider using Loopback Processing: