The following tables list the detailed updates that have been made to Visual Studio Authoring Extensions 2013


Improvements Support for Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2013.
Deploying a management pack to a different management group no longer requires rebuilding the project.
Operations Manager and Service Manager management packs can now be built from command line without installing Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Core assembly into the Global Assembly Cache.
Server Library management pack added to the library management packs that ship with Visual Studio Authoring Extensions.
Bug Fixes Language packs other than ENU are now being correctly merged during build.
Relationship properties no longer break Operations Manager 2007 R2 management packs.
Deploying a management pack to a management group no longer causes accessed denied errors on the management pack bundle on next build.
Deleting a binary management pack reference no longer marks it for deletion from source control.
New Features New project templates and library management packs for Operations Manager 2012 SP1 and Service Manager 2012 SP1.


Management Pack Navigation

General Picker dialog boxes no longer exclude items for which management pack element reference (Alias!ElementID) would require traversing a project reference.
Find All References now correctly considers management packs referenced with project references.
Intellisense Completions for image categories in Operations Manager 2007 R2 management packs.
Import Wizard No longer crashes when invalid solution name is entered.
Allows resolving management pack references from management pack bundles.
Correctly auto detects file extensions for images, RDLs, and Data Warehouse SQL scripts.
Correctly sets HasNullStream attributes on resources.
No longer converts management pack images to BMP format, destroying transparencies.
Correctly sets build action on extracted resources to EmbeddedResource.
Produces valid project when sealed management pack file name uses different casing than the management pack ID.
Management pack reference validation message more actionable.
Templates Schema Type XML Template no longer breaks the build when added to the project.
Default XML Snippet template no longer produces an invalid management pack.
Snippet data editor no longer displays multiple data grid columns for repeated placeholders in the XML snippet. CSV import issues with repeated snippet placeholders have also been corrected.
Snippet template highlighting color is now customizable and theme-aware.
Managementpack Template Groups (.mptg) and Snippet Data (.mpsd) files can now generate MP fragments (.mpx) files correctly if a project contains two or more project references.
RunAs profile icon scaling issue in various picker dialogs has been corrected.
Monitor templates now set Alert Severity to MatchMonitorHealth by default.
Unit monitor template now sets Alert Auto Resolve to true by default.
Dollar expressions with XML elements that have non-string data types declared in the module configuration XSDs can now be used.


Resource Kit Tools

General Resource Kit tools no longer break in some cases if the management pack project contains references to management packs that reside in MP Bundles.
MP Simulator Tasks can now be simulated in the MP Simulator.
All references to Root Management Server removed from the MP Simulator.
MPBPA MPBPA auto resolve now works correctly with generated files.
Multiple improvements have been made to MPBPA.
Spell Checker Spell Checker auto resolve now works correctly with generated files.
Visio Diagram Generator Relationship, Discoveries, and Monitoring tabs are now correctly generated by the MP Visio Diagram Generator.