How do I Access "My Tasks" in SharePoint?

Open your "My Site" site. On left navigation, select My Tasks.


Requirements to Synchronize Tasks between SharePoint & Exchange 

  1. Exchange 2013 is required
  2. You must install Exchange 2013 Web Services Managed API 2.0 on all SharePoint Servers
    • Installing the EWSManagedApi.msi on a single SharePoint server is not enough to make the integration work.
    • You must install EWSManagedApi.msi version 2.0 (I have tested version 2.1 and 2.2; I was not able to install these versions in the SP 2013 environment)
  3. User Profile Synchronization must be configured for the SharePoint farm
  4. Work Management service must be configured in the SharePoint farm
  5. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) must be configured for the Default zone for the web applications that are deployed in scenarios that support server-to-server authentication and App authentication
  6. If you are using a non-trusted SSL (ex: Self-signed SSL Certificate), you must import the SSL certificate to SharePoint and from SharePoint to Exchange

How Do I Configure Task Synchronization in My SharePoint Farm Environment?

TODO: Specify the steps

How Do I Disable Task Synchronization?

After a while of searching we could found that Integration between SharePoint Server and Exchange Server can only be disabled on-premises who will resolve our issue. To disable it, you turn off the Farm Level Exchange Task Sync feature by going to Central Administration è Manage farm features. This action deletes the timer job and disables the UI integration, bringing back the legacy sync behavior to Outlook.

Task List



When a user navigates to the SharePoint’s My Task page, that user can find the Sync to Outlook button in the Tasks pane of the ribbon.

Task List

After clicking that button, the opt-in dialog box is shown. Select the Sync tasks check box to opt in.

Task List 1

When try to synchronize My Tasks with Outlook 2010 or 2013 you get the following error:

We weren’t able to start syncing your tasks because one or more prerequisites for connection to Exchange server could not be found. Please contact your Administrator to resolve the issue.

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