As technology evolves and users demand to work from anywhere and any device, it is important that companies have a strategy to embrace this new model. In this new model IT doesn’t have full control of the device, however it is necessary to have some level of security in place to enable users to be productive no matter where they are. This model is also called BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and there are many elements on this model that must be addressed before you enable users to access corporate information from their own devices.  You can also access the BYOD Curation at Microsoft Curah here.

This survival guide is based on Microsoft Technologies that will assist you to enable your BYOD strategy and ensure that company policies are in place to secure data access and device management. If you need a vendor agnostic guideline on how to manage the security of mobile devices in the Enterprise, refer to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) publication 800-124 Revision 1 that has the guidelines for that.

General Considerations Regarding BYOD

BYOD Scenarios

Products and Technologies for BYOD


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