Gokan, working for Vision Consulting Group is one of the few people in Belgium to hold the prestigious Microsoft Most valuable Professional Award and is one of the retired MCC badge holder.


Gokan has been involved in Microsoft Technologies (SharePoint) since 2009 and is a moderator on SharePoint Forums and an evangelist on TechNet Wiki Ninjas Group. Creator of the “Microsoft Technical French Contributor” Award, he is now busy to set up a Turkish volunteer army for TechNet Wiki International Council. Early in 2013 he got a reward by harmon.ie as being a French Influencer. Gokan co-authored and wrote multiple eBooks all on TechNet and free to download.

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Gokan Ozcifci shares his knowledge around SharePoint Server through:

his personal: http://gokanx.wordpress.com/

TechNet Wiki

All Gokan's Wiki articles he authored or co-authored: 


Gokan's MVP Profile:


Gokan's TechNet Profile:


WikiNinjas - Official Blog of TechNet Wiki

Gokan has written the following blog posts:

Code Gallery

Gokan has made the following contributions to code gallery:

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Books and White Papers


Online Recognitions

Community Contributions


Gokan has the following certifications:

  • Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
  • Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server 2012
  • PRO: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Administrator
  • Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012
  • TS: Microsoft Office SharePoint 2010, Configuring


Gokan's Twitter account, @gokanozcifci, he tweets mostly about SharePoint Server: http://twitter.com/gokanozcifci



If you need to contact Gokan Ozcifci contact him through email: ozcifci.gokan@live.be or link through LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=91359533 

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