In the past 2 years or so, we have acquired a lot of experience with Azure Pack. We created a Wiki which was intended to collect the scattered locations of all the blogs, videos, articles and whitepapers. But as we observed, this wiki has also stimulated the growth of content, as how cool is it to be on this now famous Azure Pack Wiki <grin>.

Many features you will first see in Microsoft's public cloud, will gradually become available on premise. I have added several new sections relevant to both public Azure and private Azure.

The Wiki has grown to such extreme length that the TechNet Wiki was no longer suitable and publishing to it became a nightmare.

For this reason I make the Azure Pack Wiki available in OneNote Online.  If you edit the Wiki in your local version of Microsoft OneNote, you can also use the hyperlinks.


You can find the latest update of the Azure Pack Wiki here for viewing

Editing is closed for now

Link to Azure Stack Wiki