Issue: User was getting error message below while accessing the Storage Space Allocation page:

The storage space allocation page cannot be used for sites that do not have a storage quota defined.


While doing some regular clean-up of the sites which are over quota, I noticed that site is not having the Site Storage Allocation page in the Site collection administration page, which was quite strange though.
Accessing storage page directly via _layouts/storman.aspx page, shoes the above error message.


Checked the same behaviour on the other site as well and it was not the same.
Tried to activate and deactivate the Office Publishing feature. Storage Allocation link was still not appearing. 


Checking the site storage quota we have noticed a much wired thing is that the site was given quota or you can say it was set to be 0 MB with Warning level of 0 MB.
Not sure that was done, seeming like a human error obvious.
Set the correct quota for the site and Site Storage Allocation page was back.

Applies to Products:
 SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Server 2013