Users like to embed report charts in PowerPoint by including an image snapshot of the chart with the correct parameters specified. 

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) does not include export to JPEG or PNG in the SharePoint report viewer web part by default,  even though SSRS supports report rendering in these formats.  For standalone SSRS servers you can enable this capability by editing the RSReportServer.config file (, but this does not work for SSRS integrated with SharePoint. 

Using the following PowerShell, you can successfully add the extensions.


1. Get your application ID (GUID):    


2. Add the extensions:

New-SPRSExtension -identity "{INSERT YOUR APPLICATION ID HERE}" -ExtensionType "Render" -name "JPEG" -TypeName "Microsoft.ReportingServices.Rendering.ImageRenderer.ImageRenderer,Microsoft.ReportingServices.ImageRendering" -ServerDirectives "<OverrideNames><Name
 Language='en-US'>JPEG</Name></OverrideNames>" -ExtensionConfiguration "<DeviceInfo><OutputFormat>JPEG</OutputFormat></DeviceInfo>"            
 New-SPRSExtension -identity "{INSERT YOUR APPLICATION ID HERE}" -ExtensionType "Render" -name "PNG" -TypeName "Microsoft.ReportingServices.Rendering.ImageRenderer.ImageRenderer,Microsoft.ReportingServices.ImageRendering" -ServerDirectives "<OverrideNames><Name
 Language='en-US'>PNG</Name></OverrideNames>" -ExtensionConfiguration "<DeviceInfo><OutputFormat>PNG</OutputFormat></DeviceInfo>"

3. You can list the loaded Render extensions:

Get-SPRSExtension -Identity "{INSERT YOUR APPLICATION ID HERE}" -ExtensionType "Render"

4: If you make a mistake you can remove them with:

Remove-SPRSExtension -Identity "{INSERT YOUR APPLICATION ID HERE}" -ExtensionType "Render" -Name PNG

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