Consider the following scenarios:

1. The user has upgraded his operating system to Windows 8.1 and when the user is trying to open any picture from picture library, gets the following error:-

"Sorry, there was a problem please try again later".

If the user chooses Skydrive the following error is displayed:-

"Your sky drive could not be created on this PC"

2. The user can open any picture present on the Desktop with Photo app but if the user tries to open any picture from other locations (eg.D drive), the picture opens for a moment then switches to the Metro start menu.


There are a few ways to fix this issue.

Restore Default Libraries:

1. From the Desktop view,  open File Explorer.
2. Click on View tab present in the upper menu.

3. Click the downward arrow present in the Navigation pane.

4. Select Show libraries.This will allow Libraries to be displayed in left side navigation pane.

5. Right-click on Libraries and select Restore default libraries.

If you have pictures on another drive or location then check those locations:

1. Open File Explorer.

2. Open Libraries.

3. Right-click on Pictures.

4. Click Properties, and list out the locations shown.

[Remember the default Picture location is C:\Users\User's name\Pictures.]

2. Make sure that Indexing is enabled:

1. On the Start Screen, type index or, you may do the same through Search option.

2. Click on indexing options.

3. Click the Advanced tab.

4. Select Rebuild.

3. Other possibilities to fix the problem:

The issue may also occur if the user account got corrupted. You may create another User Account and recheck the issue.

You may go for a System Restore.Select any restore point when there was no such issue.

You may refresh your PC.

Make sure any antivirus application is not interfering with the photo app.

Sometimes a slow connection can cause photo app crash.

Some crashes may occur due to an extremely large number of files present in SkyDrive. You may turn off SkyDrive's default storage and recheck the issue.

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