There are so many threads in the TechNet Security forum showing “Unable to download CDP & Delta CRL” in PKIVIEW.MSC but able to download those files (CRLs) from Internet Explorer. There are more than 100 threads on the same issue. This blog surely helps those people who burn their HEAD and are not able to fix that.

Microsoft introduced the PKIVIEW.MSC in Windows Resource Kit 2003. You can see the below snap from Windows 2003 pkiview.msc

Now PKIVIEW.MSC from Windows 2008 R2.

Done the Root CA Migration from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008R2 and above snaps taken after that. We can see all seems OK from Windows 2003 pkiview.msc but there is an error in Windows 2008 PKIVIEW.MSC. Also, have done the AIA & CDP repository migration. Will update a blog on Windows 2008 CA migration from Windows 2003 (Step by Step).  

How to avoid Delta CRL download errors on Windows Server 2008 with IIS7.