StatCounter for article about Visual Studio Image Library 2012This article enables you to fix a well known TechNet Wiki bug: Changed tags are not correctly displayed on the History tab. A Tampermoney script does the trick. The fix works with Chrome, Dolphin Browser, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera Next, Safari, UC Browser.


"When you click a Revision in the History tab (or compare Revisions), the tag changes appear at the top of the page. Some tags are crossed out (in red) and other tags are added (in green). Tags are shown to be crossed off and added even though that change was not made in the revision. This likely happens because the sort/reorder of the tags (into alphabetical order) accidentally registers an edit/change in the revision even though the user never made that change (it was automatically made in each revision)."  [Wiki: Known Issues]

After applying the fix the tags will be correctly displayed:

Supported Browsers

All browsers that support the browser extension Tampermonkey:

  • Chrome
  • Dolphin Browser
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera Next
  • Safari
  • UC Browser

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