FIM ScriptBox Item


The FIM Get Resource By Name Viewer is a script to display the representation of an exported FIM resource.
You can either specify the display name or the GUID of the object you want to display.

The data of the most recent object is stored in a local XML file.
To display the data, you have two options:

  • Show Data - displays the XML representation of the exported object
  • Render Data - displays the XSLT based representation of the exported object


This script is a PowerShell script that is embedded into a HTA.
For more details about the architecture, see How to Add a Graphical User Interface to a PowerShell Script by Using HTML Applications.



After you have downloaded the Zip file to your computer, you should unblock it.
To unblock the file, right-click it, select Properties, and then click Unblock.


note Note
To provide feedback about this script, create a post on the FIM TechNet Forum.
For more FIM related Windows PowerShell scripts, see the FIM ScriptBox.