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This script may be used to create Attributes and Bindings in the FIM Portal Schema based on information in a CSV file.

The script comes in two parts:

  • Import-SchemaCSV.ps1 is used to generate a changes.xml file, and
  • CommitChanges.ps1 is used to import the changes into the FIM Portal.

If you are creating new attributes with bindings then you must run the process twice. The first time the attributes will be created, and the second time the bindings will be created, using the GUIDs of the new attributes.

The script does not currently create Resource objects. Any Resource types specified in the CSV file must already exist.


  1. Fill in the CSV file. By default the script looks for "import.csv" - a different file name may be specified with the -File parameter. There is a sample import file in the download.
  2. Run Import-SchemaCSV.ps1. This will export the current FIM Schema and generate changes.xml.
  3. Backup your FIMService database.
  4. Run CommitChanges.ps1.
  5. Repeat from step 2 if you need to create bindings for new attributes.

Script Code

Please download using the following link. The package includes template files which must be located in the same folder as Import-SchemaCSV.ps1.


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