Problem Statement

A user reported the issue that he cannot publish the InfoPath on the current library where InfoPath form was published already.

And he got the error message below:

And half a minute later (roughly), he got this:

Hmm, interesting.


With some changes to the form, the user is unable to publish the modified form on the server. But what were the changes that cause this behaviour?

Only some data source has modified, along with the columns in the Form.


While editing the template from SharePoint Site, republishing on the test site gave the error message that one of the elements is missing in the form.

While saving the form at my end and opening it, the following error is thrown:

Now why do I get this error message?

We do not have the ability to fully trust forms as this requires a group wide certificate.

The warning is because you are running it from a different location than where it was published to… another really useful error message!


Now, the question was to open this form stored on my local disk. For that you can right click on the form and select the ‘Design’ mode.

You will see another window popping up.

Click Ok.  

Select Publish from File and follow the steps you followed earlier.

I was waiting to see the same error on my machine but I did not encounter the error.

I was able to publish the form successfully myself.

Now coming back to the point why did it fail for the user... It could be something related to network latency and/or proxy settings.

When we tried it on another machine, it failed.

I know it sounds a bit weird if I tell you the resolution to this one: we cleared the IE cache such as cookies, history etc.

Then I launched a new IE window, republishing the form does work for this user.

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Applies to:

  • SharePoint Server 2010
  • SharePoint Server 2007
  • InfoPath Form 2007
  • InfoPath Form 2010