Configuring PowerPoint Automation Services, also known as PowerPoint Conversion Services, involves leveraging PowerShell as the Service Application and Proxy cannot be created via Central Administration.

Run the SharePoint Management Shell. Identify an appropriate Service Application Pool to add the service to.

$pool = Get-SPServiceApplicationPool | where {$_.Name -like "SharePoint Web*"}
$ppt = New-SPPowerPointConversionServiceApplication "PowerPoint Conversion Service" -ApplicationPool $pool
New-SPPowerPointConversionServiceApplicationProxy "PowerPoint Conversion Service Proxy" -ServiceApplication $ppt -AddToDefaultGroup
Start-SPServiceInstance | where {$_.TypeName -eq "PowerPoint Conversion Service"}

This will create the Service Application, assigning it to the specified Service Application Pool, create the Proxy, and start the Service Instance on the local SharePoint server. If the Application Pool account running the Web Applications does not have Local Administrator rights, the next steps must be completed otherwise conversions will fail.

On the server running the PowerPoint Conversion Service, create a new folder named "PowerPointConversion" in the path "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\SharePoint\". Next, give the group "WSS_WPG" NTFS Modify rights to this folder. This will allow the Web Application Application Pool service account to create folders and files within the newly created PowerPointConversion folder.

Now a SharePoint Solution, WinForms, or Console application must be developed to use PowerPoint Automation Services. There is no out of the box UI or CLI to process conversions.