Welcome again, Windows phone is totally amazing when we talk about different controls in it. Many of us developing on windows phone platform does not know that there is an item in toolkit named as lockable pivot. Lockable pivot is inherited from toolkit. <toolkit:lockablepivot> . Lockable pivot has a functionality of lock, for this isLocked attribute of pivot.
Let us create pivot application from the template given by windows phone. I introduce a lockable pivot control and named it as pivot1. I also introduced two buttons by one button the pivot is locked as

Pivot.IsLocked = true;

When I got to unlock the pivot

Pivot.IsLocked = false;
  1.  When you lock the pivot all the items of the pivot except current item disappears.
  2.       When you unlock the pivot all the items appear again.
Lockable pivot can be used in application where there is need of focusing the pivot item, you may use it is quizzes application in recipe app or else at any other application you think it can be used.


   Whole source code can be downloaded from the link below.

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