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MAP Toolkit UI

The MAP Toolkit UI is divided into three major sections with regard to navigation:  The navigation bar, the Scenario Group Pane, and the Scenario Detail Pane.  Tabbed navigation goes through the Navigation Bar, followed by the Scenario Group Pane, the Scenario Detail Pane, then back to the Navigation bar.

The Navigation Bar

The navigation bar allows for quick navigation of all available scenarios.  Featured controls include:
  • Back/Forward buttons to allow quick navigation to pages previously seen
  • Recent locations list
  • Location bar to allow navigation through scenario groups and scenarios
Tabbed navigation does not reach the back and forward controls or the recent locations list, however you can tab to the controls in the location bar and use the arrow keys to select a scenario to appear in the scenario detail pane.

The Scenario Group Pane

The scenario group pane contains a list of all scenario groups in the MAP Toolkit.  The individual group titles can be clicked on by mouse or the pane can be tabbed to via keyboard.  Once the pane has keyboard focus, the scenario groups can be navigated by arrow key.

The Scenario Detail Pane

The scenario detail pane can consist of either a group of tiles for each scenario within a group (shown) or the full detail information for a particular scenario.  Keyboard tabbing cannot be used to select a scenario tile for its more detailed view (you will need to use the navigation bar to select scenario details using the keyboard), however once a scenario detail page is loaded, the keyboard can be used to navigate elements of the scenario including the use of the enter/return key to activate elements such as database selection or report generation.

Navigating the MAP Toolkit

Mouse Navigation

The MAP Toolkit can be navigated with the use of a mouse or other pointing device by clicking on any of the available controls.

Keyboard Navigation

Navigating the MAP toolkit via keyboard can be done, however in order to select a scenario for more detail or to generate reports, you will need to use the navigation bar.  Scenarios can not be activated by giving focus to the scenario tile and pressing the enter/return key.  Once in a scenario, individual controls in the options menu can be activated by using the tab key to shift focus to the controls and pressing the enter/return key.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Alt-F: Opens file menu
  • Alt-V: Opens view menu
  • Alt-T: Opens tools menu
  • Alt-H: Opens help menu
  • Alt-F1: Hides/Shows the scenario group pane