User account templates allow companies to make the provisioning of new user accounts easier as they allow pre-populating some attributes where the values are automatically copied when duplicating a user account template.

This Wiki article shows how to mark an Active Directory attribute to be copied when duplicating a user template: We will be taking as an example copying description attribute.

Let's suppose that we have a user account template that has a description attribute value that needs to be copied when duplicating the template.

By default, duplicating a user account template does not copy the description attribute value:

To mark description attribute to be copied when duplicated a user template, you need to proceed as follows:
  • Run regsvr32 schmmgmt.dll command using an elevated prompt (using the Run as administrator option)

  • Use MMC to run Active Directory Schema administrative tool

  • Go to description attribute, do a right-click and then click  Properties

  • Enable Attribute is copied when duplicating a user check box and then click OK

Now, when you duplicate the user template, the new user account will have the description attribute value populated automatically.