This example demonstrates how to create a FAST Search Center Site Collection for SharePoint 2010.

Note: You can use these commands to create any type of new site, by specifying the correct template. See the reference links below for a detailed look at other templates.

PowerShell Commands to Create a new FAST Search Center Site

$template = Get-SPWebTemplate "SRCHCENTERFAST#0"                        
New-SPSite -Url "http://gr06/sites/fastscopefileshare" -OwnerAlias "vm\sp_admin" -Template $template

Below is the output from running the commands:
$template = Get-SPWebTemplate "SRCHCENTERFAST#0"            

Name   Title LocaleId Custom
 SRCHCENTERFAST#0    FAST Search Center                        1033        False

PS C:\Users\sp_admin> New-SPSite -Url "http://gr06/sites/fastscopefileshare" -OwnerAlias "vm\sp_admin" -Template $template


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