The TFS 2010 Team Project portal is a SharePoint site which provides a Dashboard displaying recent and important activities.

Viewing the Project Portal in Visual Studio

  • Open Team Explorer in Visual Studio.
  • Right-click Team Project, and then select Show Project Portal.
  • Once the Team Project Portal is open, you can see a variety of graphs and metrics on the Dashboard which are provided by default.

Creating and Displaying Custom Reports

There may be cases where you want to show additional reports (either default TFS 2010 reports or custom reports). You can refer to for guidance on creating custom SSRS reports. Once you have the reports ready, you can display them on the Team Project Portal by following these steps:
  • Open the Team Project Portal. The URL is in the following format: http://<TFS_Server>/sites/<TeamProjectCollection>/<TeamProject>/Dashboards/ProjectDashboard_wss.aspx
  • Click Site Actions, and then click Edit Page.
  • In any desired row, click Add a Web Part.
  • Go to All Web Parts, Miscellaneous, select Report Viewer, and then click OK.
  • Once the Report Viewer is added, click Edit, and then click Modify Shared Web Part.
  • Enter the Report Manager URL, which is in the following format: http://<Reporting_Server>/Reports
  • Enter the Report Path, which is in the following format: /TfsReports/<TeamProject Collection>/<TeamProject>/Dashboards/<ReportName>
  • Set the desired Height and Width in the Appearance section.
  • Click OK.

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