This page is the anchor page for articles covering the topic of developing LightSwitch Screen Templates. There are 5 standard templates provided for the desktop client (RichClient) projects and 3 standard templates for the HTML (MobileWeb) client projects. The templates for desktop clients provide richer functionality than those for the HTML client and enable users to create default screens that are more complete without manual intervention. The HTML client screen templates are fit for purpose for the MobileWeb target but do require manual changes to bring screens to the level of the desktop screens when your app is to target large form factors of tablets and desktop web browsers.

Extending Visual Studio LightSwitch [VS2013]

MSDN: Extending Visual Studio LightSwitch

Creating a LightSwitch Screen Template [VS2013]

MSDN: Creating a LightSwitch Screen Template

There is a lot more information that needs to be added to extend the basic information provided in MSDN. The creation of screen templates is a very powerful feature that needs more in-depth explanation and samples. This is especially true for the HTML client in Visual Studio 2013 that for the first time is opened up to the world of templates with the Visual Studio 2013 SDK and the compatible LightSwitch Extensibility Toolkit that can target the 'MobileWeb' client as well as the 'RichClient' Silverlight-based clients.


The LSML model for screens.

The LightSwitch template host API.

Screen template techniques code techniques.

Walkthrough of sample screen templates.