Wiki Ninjas is a group of authors who celebrate and evangelize the community catalyst and social-authoring excellence that is known as TechNet Wiki. Actually we have more than ten thousand of articles and a few videos on the Wiki. The main goal of this the "TechNet Wiki eBook Project" is to have more diversity on TechNet Wiki with eBooks, videos and much more. 

The purpose of this initiative is primarily sharing and only sharing! None of us does this for a money or reputation but only for the community

About us

  • Ed Price [MSFT]: I work in Power BI (SQL Server & Office) as a Customer Program Manager. Ed enjoys Customer Engagement, Experience Design, TechNet Wiki, and general education around Microsoft products.
  • Bruno Lewin [MSFT]: I work in the Enterprise and Cloud International team as a Senior Program Manager. I help lead the International aspects of the TechNet Wiki. I assist product teams at Microsoft in creating a great experience for International users – covering areas that range from Planning, Design to Quality Assurance. You can use the twitter account on my profile to contact me.
  • Gokan Ozcifci [MVP]: Microsoft SharePoint MVP. Community Warrior. Managing Consultant. TechNet Addict. Gokan contributes on @WikiNinjas.

Wiki Ninjas eBook

Title  Authors  Technologie   Release Date Download Link 
The Wiki Ninjas Guide to SharePoint 2013 Gokan Ozcifci
Joe Davis
Thuan Soldier
Magriet Bruggeman
Luigi Bruno
Craig Lussier
Hezequias Vasconcelos
Matthew Yarlett
Marcelo Sincic
Benoit Jester
Ed Price
Fernando Lugão Veltem
dplotnikov – mvp
Bjorn H Rapp
 SharePoint Server  26 Nov 2013 11:30 AM  DownloadMe!!
The Wiki Ninjas Guide to SharePoint 2013 - IDTP!  Gokan Ozcifci
Valentin Lecerf
Philippe Levesque
Ed Price
Hezequias Vasconcelos
Benoit Jester
 SharePoint Sever 15 Dec 2013 1:00 PM   DownloadMe!!
TechNet Turkish Wiki Guide to Infrastructure Management Gokan Ozcifci
Mehmet Parlakyigit
Asil Mutlu
Yavuz Tasci
Ugur Demir
Elguc Yusifbeyli
Davut Eren
Baris Aydogmusoglu
 Microsoft Technologies  1/1/2014 6:00PM  DownloadMe!!
 Transact-SQL by TechNet Wiki Community Saeid Hasani
Naomi Nosonovsky
Durval Ramos
SQL Server 26 Jan 2014  DownloadMe!!
 The Wiki Ninjas Guide to SharePoint 2013 - Part II Joe Davis
Matthew Yarlett
Thuan Soldier
Craig Lussier
Benoit Jester
Margriet Bruggeman
Inderjeet Singh Jaggi
Brent Groom
Dan Christian
Aulakh Amardeep
Rashu Rahul
Jason Barkes
Steven Andrews
Jesper Arnecke
Nikolas Charlebois-Laprade
SharePoint Server   26 June 2014 DownloadMe!!