RemoteFX is a new set of technologies introduced in Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 including:
  • Advanced screen codecs to provide a great experience from any client that supports the RemoteFX decode
  • Virtualized GPU support that allows virtualized guests to access physical GPU resources on the host.  This provides greater app compat (as now DX applications are supported in a VDI environment)
  • Generic (Isochronous) USB remoting for RDVH (VDI) scenarios. 

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RemoteFX is best known as a VDI feature, but it's also available for sessions. To learn more about the RemoteFX experience on RD Session Host WS08 R2 SP, see this blog entry:

Microsoft VDI became licensing-aware in SP!. See this blog entry to learn how to configure licensing settings using PowerShell: For more information about license management for VDI, see

Want to try out RemoteFX? See this blog entry for a list of all our documents: