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This will create a simple table with a specific table width, specific column widths, a header row and borders around all the cells in the Wiki HTML Editor.

Paste the table contents below between the <body></body> tags of an html document at for a preview:

<!-- Change the properties for the table tag as listed below.  Default values for cellpadding -->
<!-- and cellspacing prevent border from appearing around all cells so set both to “0”. -->
<!-- Default value for table width will cause table width to be governed by table contents. -->
<!-- If your wiki article will contain multiple tables and you want to apply a consistent -->
<!-- width to all tables, set the table width value here and use that value for every table.-->

<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="600" rules="all" style="border: #000000 thin solid;">

          <!-- Use the style attribute of the <tr> tag to set the background-color -->
          <!-- and font-weight of the first row to silver and bold, respectively. -->
          <!-- Use the valign attribute of the <tr> tag to set text alignment to "top". -->

          <tr style="background-color: silver; font-weight: bold;" valign="top">

                 <!-- Add columns to rows with the <td> tag and use the style -->
                 <!-- attribute to set the width for each column so that the sum -->
                 <!-- of all column widths equals the table width set above. -->

                 <td style="width: 400px">HeaderRow, Column1, Width is 400 pixels</td>
                 <td style="width: 200px">HeaderRow, Column2, Width is 200 pixels</td>

          <!-- Add rows as needed with <tr> tags. Columns will continue to use the -->
          <!-- widths set in the first row unless the number of columns per row changes -->
          <!-- so no need to keep setting column widths for this table.-->

                  <tr valign="top">
                  <td>Row2, Column1</td>
                  <td>Row2, Column2</td>
          <tr valign="top">
                   <td>Row3, Column1</td>
                   <td>Row3, Column2</td>

This table should render as follows:

HeaderRow, Column1, Width is 400 pixels HeaderRow, Column2, Width is 200 pixels
Row2, Column1 Row2, Column2
Row3, Column1 Row3, Column2

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