In Exchange 2013 we can see a new feature called Apps. By using this, users are able to plug in their required apps in their Outlook.

Administrators can decide to enable which app to be published to the Outlook client via EAC in Exchange 2013.

By default, we have few apps already in Exchange 2013. In addition to that we can download apps from the website for Outlook which can be downloaded and pushed from Exchange 2013.

Also, we can use any third party apps which are compatible with Outlook and can be pushed from the server end.

By default, we have Action Items, Bing Maps, Suggested Meetings and Everyone. These apps come under organization under Apps tab in EAC.

You can see the description of each default apps in the below screenshots

Action Items

Bing maps

Suggested Meetings


Below are the three options available like add from the office store, any internet URL or any executable file.

For example, if an email contains the street address then Bing map application offers you the tab through which you can navigate and identify the location. This is one of the great features which is introduced in Exchange 2013 to extend the information and functionality of messages and calendar items.