This article covers current issues that are known to the SQL Azure Data Sync team. If there is a work-around for an issue it is also explained.  We will add to and update this article as new issues are discovered and/or the workarounds change.

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Loss of Registered Endpoints in AgentConfigData.xml

Under certain circumstances you may experience the loss of the endpoints you created when you ran AgentConfig.exe to configure AgentConfigData.xml. While this is not fatal it is inconvenient since you have to rerun AgentConfig.exe and re-add the endpoints.


All the endpoints you added to the AgentConfigData.xml file with AgentConfig.exe mysteriously disappear after you run the AgentServiceSetup.msi.


AgentServiceSetup.msi does not check for an existing AgentConfigData.xml file before creating it. When it creates a new AgentConfigData.xml file the existing file is overwritten and all the endpoints are lost. There is no issue the first time you run the .msi file since there is no AgentConfigData.xml file to overwrite.

Solution/Work Around

To avoid losing all your endpoint registrations make a backup copy of your AgentConfigData.xml file in another directory or with a different file name (AgentConfigData.xml.bkup). After the .msi file finishes, copy your backup file over the new AgentConfigData.xml file. Be sure to copy the backup over the new file before you use AgentConfig.exe to add any additional endpoints or you'll have two sets of endpoints, one in the new file and another in the backup, and you don't want that.


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