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This article will talk about installing BHold Integration for FIM. I found it the most challenging part of installing BHold, since it kept crashing for me.

After all, I figured out that it was all about the account we use to run the installation wizard, and the account details we provide during the installation. I will walk through an example that worked for me and might save someone some time and headache.


I was following this link to do the installation:

In my case I used one account to install all of the FIM component, including BHold core and FIM Service. This account was "MYDOMAIN\FIMAdmin". Therefore, this account will be the default FIM Administrator and BHold Core root user.

The link above contains a worksheet. This worksheet contains information about three accounts you will need to provide information for (domain, username and password) during installation:

  • BHold Core Service Account Settings: b1user
  • FIM Service Settings: a FIM Administrator not "MYDOMAIN\FIMAdmin"
  • BHold Connection Settings: a root user not "MYDOMAIN\FIMAdmin"

One of Microsoft's recommendations during the installation is not to supply the root user account information. In fact, if you did, the installation will fail. The failure happens during the customization part. This part is when the installation package starts to create objects in the FIM Service database, which include the new resource type "BHOLD_ROLE", workflows, sets, mprs, etc.



If you have your FIM Service Management Agent, and BHold Access Connector configured in the synchronization engine, then you might have users in both sources (FIM Service and BHold). In this case, you can make one of those account a FIM administrator and a BHold root user.

In my case, I didn't, therefore, I had to manually create a user in FIM Service using the FIM Portal, then I used the following script to fix the objectSID.

The account I created was "MYDOMAIN\FIMAdmin2".

In BHold, I had to manually create a root user. I performed the following steps:

  • In BHold Core Portal, Click on Organizational Units on the left hand side
  • Click on root Organization Unit (OU) /li>

  • Expand Users, and click Add

  • In the Create user screen, there are two required attributes (description and default alias), fill them as shown in the screenshot below

  •  Click OK
You are now ready to start the installation for the FIM Integration. Use the "MYDOMAIN\FIMAdmin" account to launch the installation wizard, and make sure you run it as administrator.

During the installation, you will be asked to provide account details for BHold Core Service Account Settings, FIM Service Account Settings, and BHold Connection Settings. The table below summarizes the accounts you need:

 Type  Name
BHold Core Service Account Settings b1user
FIM Service Account Settings FIMAdmin2
BHold Connection Settings FIMAdmin2