The TechNet Wiki aspires to be a trusted, respected source of information for the IT Professional, developer and broader community of people who work with Microsoft products and technology. It will succeed only if you contribute in an openly, transparently, and considerate way guided by the Wiki Code of Conduct and this brief guide.

All of the guidance in this topic derives from the fundamental princple of healthy communities -- contribute boldly, edit gently and assume good intent. Adhere to this principle and your Wiki contributions will be valuable, actionable, and rewarding. Thanks for your contributions!

You can learn about moderating by reviewing the Moderator's Guide to the TechNet Wiki.

Creating an Article

You are encouraged to add new articles to the TechNet Wiki! To be a successful contributor:

  • Join the TechNet Wiki. If you don't join, you will not be able to add an article.
  • Understand the terms of use and code of conduct. Play nice.
  • Sanity check your article idea. Is it a topic you would read? Does it exist elsewhere? If it were in a magazine, would you pick it up and read it?
  • Choose substance over style. Write simply and focus on the needs of the reader.
  • Follow simple SEO principles: identify and use 2-3 keywords in the title and article body, use headings (heading 2 or lower) to organize sections, and share your efforts as links on your blog, micro-blogs (Twitter, Facebook), forums and anywhere else your target community meets.

Revising an Article

The TechNet Wiki is all about collaborative authoring, but even the most enthusiastic community participant can retain a sense of ownership for certain contributions. Be gentle when editing the works of others and assume good intent if your work is revised.

Revise an article when:

  • You see a typo or grammar issue. Help others by making articles easier to read.
  • A link needs updating. TechNet Wiki enables us to help each other keep links current and remove broken links.
  • You can add information. If you have something to add to the topic, please do!
  • You have tags to add. You can add tags in the tag section at the bottom or in the Edit tab.
  • Cross-Linking. You can help us by linking to related topics! Add an embedded link to overview topics, or add a "See Also" section at the bottom and list some related Wiki topics!

When you revise an article:

  • Try not to remove much original content.
  • Leave a comment in the Edit window, explaining what you did!