This article is intended as a landing page for the management of pirated content and plagiarism. It does not define new rules - it simply summarizes facts,articles, posts, and adds teasers.

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This article is a practical guideline for every author posting on TechNet Wiki. It explains also the Piracy Recheck.


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  • Plagiarism at TechNet Wiki - First Empirical Data and Analysis

    You may have noticed it: Plagiarism in TechNet Wiki is becoming a problem, and it is getting more attention now. This article presents a first empirical analysis, gives insights to some mechanisms behind plagiarism, explains the current rules, shows alternatives to plagiarism, and summarizes the critical points. Last but not least it proposes first steps to fix the problem. (read more)

  • Plagiarism Charts - September 2013

    In July 2013 the article Plagiarism at TechNet Wiki - First Empirical Data Analysis presented a first empirical analysis, gave insights to mechanisms behind plagiarism and proposed first steps to fix the problem. Three months later TechNet Wiki is on the right track: The Community Council extended the focus area "Spam & Article Deletion" to "Spam, Plagiarism & Article Deletion" and is working on a strong framework. Improvements should be measured. This article gives facts and figures about plagiarism at TechNet Wiki for September 2013.(read more)

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  • 2014-12-31 - MSDN Forums: Asking Questions
    "Some people get a bit carried away with the recognition points thing.  Sometimes you see people who basically copy someone else's response.  Maybe they alter it slightly but you can see this is essentially the same answer as has already been given.This is a bad thing."

  • 2012-01-14 - Plagiarism
    "A Microsoft partner has published an article (edit: as a TechNet Wiki article) which they have plagiarized word for word from my blog..."

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