FIM Synchronization Service provides built-in attributes to represent an identity in its metaverse. As FIM customers might need to apply customization in attributes (Example: You have a custom Active Directory attribute that you need to synchronize and store its value in a dedicated metaverse attribute), this Wiki article was created to show how you can create a custom attribute in FIM Synchronization Service.


To create a custom attribute, you need to proceed as mentioned below:

1. Go to Metaverse Designer in Synchronization Service Manager, select the object type to update and then click on Add attribute

2. Click on New attribute…

3. Specify the attribute name and select the attribute type to use. You can also choose if the attribute will be multi-valued or indexed (available only if you choose an indexable attribute type). Once you have selected the needed options, click on OK

The following attribute types are available:

  • String (indexable)
  • String (non-indexable)
  • Binary (indexable)
  • Binary (non-indexable)
  • Number
  • Boolean
  • Reference (DN)

You should use indexable attributes when they will be used in join rules or when need to be searched in rules extension search rule.

This is recommended for a better performance as it minimize the required indexation processing on FIM SQL server.

4. Click on OK

After the creation of the attribute, you will be able to see it as part of the metaverse object type and when configuring on management agents (like joins, and attribute flow).

Also, note that adding custom attributes is a reversible operation as they can be removed, on condition they do not contain data and are not used in any configuration.