Would you like to become a leader in the TechNet Wiki Community? Well, a true leader is someone who is involved, and what the definition of leadership might be is something that you'll need to define for yourself. But we've provided many ways to get involved, and so you've got a lot of options! 

Lead Others on TechNet Wiki

On TechNet Wiki, we built a reward ecosystem that gets you recognition. There are two sides of that... Accomplishments and Responsibilities.


First, we show off your accomplishments on TechNet Wiki (your articles, edits, etc.) in nine different ways. After you make some contributions...

(1) We'll invite you to an Interview with a Wiki Ninja. Typically we interview TechNet Guru winners, Top Contributors, or people who have written several great Wiki articles. We have had Wiki Ninjas (contributors to TechNet Wiki) get awarded the MVP status as a result of this interview blog post (where teams were made aware of a contributor's accomplishments as a result of the blog post) - not to mention job offers.  

(2) We reward you with Profile Recognition. See TechNet Wiki: How to Earn Recognition Points and Achievement Medals.

(3) We feature articles on the home page of TechNet Wiki. See TechNet Wiki Featured Article Nominees and How to Nominate a TechNet Wiki Article to Be Featured on the Home Page of TechNet Wiki.

(4) We also feature top articles (every Tuesday) on the Wiki Ninjas blog. We sometimes feature more than one article on each Tuesday. See Article Spotlight.

(5) We feature a weekly list of Top Contributors on our Wiki Ninjas blog. See Top Contributors of the Week

(6) We hold the monthly TechNet Guru Awards. 

(7) We compile the top articles into celebrated TechNet Wiki Community Ebooks. See TechNet Wiki White Papers.

(8) We feature some great articles in the TechNet Wiki Magazine on Flipbook! See the list of TechNet Wiki Magazines.
(9) We have the Wiki Ninja Belts award system. See Wiki Ninja Belt Rankings and Wiki Ninja Belt Status: Who Has What Belt Ranking.


Second, we give you responsibilities for you to help lead the community in five ways.

(1) The TechNet Wiki: Featured Article Teams keep the featured articles for each language up to date.

(2) The Wiki Ninjas bloggers (Wiki Ninjas Blog: The Contributors) become the voice of the community. They help us show off the accomplishments of the community! See Wiki Ninjas Blog: How to Become an Author.

(3) The TechNet Wiki International Council helps build language-based communities around the world (we launch forum sites, Twitter accounts, and even blogs for languages' Wikis as their communities grow)! 

(4) The TechNet Wiki Community Council strengthens the Wiki values via the TechNet Wiki Community Council: Areas of Focus (you can help them out even if you're not a member; also see TechNet Wiki Community Council: How to Become a Member).

(5) If you are an MVP, you can join the TechNet Wiki Advisory Board to champion and lead the content area in your MVP-awarded technology! 


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