We're celebrating the start of the Winter Olympics, so I thought it would be a great time to share a bit about an advanced project I'm working on. I've been creating a skiing app to use as a learning tool for people who get through our book, or have learned the principles of Small Basic, but want a more advanced project. 

Feel free to try out and run the program and look at the code I wrote to make it happen. It's only 180 lines of code for a fully functional skiing app! So, this is a great next step if you want something that uses many aspects of basic programming.



My family is having fun with it in our house trying to see who can get down the slope the fastest. A fun project for any beginning programmer to learn some additional concepts and see an interesting result.

Don't worry if you cannot follow all of the code. I'm also working on a guide that will walk through exactly all that is happening in the app and how you can write this program from scratch. Stay tuned and I'll show you exactly how it all works.

Here's the code!