You ran into an issue with FIM, you found a resolution that has not been documented yet, and now you want to share your resolution steps with the FIM community?
Here are some suggestions for how to do this.

Before You Begin

If this is your first MIM/FIM troubleshooting article and you would like to get an idea of how your article could look like, use the following articles as a template:

For an overview of all available FIM troubleshooting articles, see the Troubleshooting FIM 2010 Roadmap.



The following resources assist you with the development of your FIM troubleshooting article:

Writing Your MIM Troubleshooting Article

While you can use the Wiki editor to write your troubleshooting article, it is typically more efficient to develop your article offline using an HTML editor such as Microsoft Expression Web.
The FIM Troubleshooting Article Template provides you with an initial structure for your article.

If you need help writing your MIM troubleshooting article, ask for help on the MIM forum or Wiki forum.

It is a good idea to include pictures and flowcharts in your article.
To include pictures into your Wiki article, you should first copy and paste the HTML body of your new article into the Wiki editor, switch the editor in design mode, and then upload the pictures.

If you want to get a real impression of the look and feel of a Wiki article, you can use the Wiki sandbox site.


Posting Your FIM Troubleshooting Article

  1. To create a new Wiki article, on the Wiki Portal page, click Post an article or use this link.
  2. In the Title textbox, type the title of your article. The title should start with "MIM Troubleshooting:" followed by a prescriptive description of the problem your article solves.
  3. Copy the body of your article to your clipboard.
    To copy the content of the HTML file to your clipboard, you can first press Ctrl + A to select the content, and then Ctrl + C to copy it to your clipboard..
  4. Paste the content of your clipboard into the body of your new article.
    You can paste the content of your clipboard into your new Wiki file by pressing Ctrl + V..


    When you paste the content of your clipboard into your new Wiki file, the Wiki editor should be in HTML mode:

  5. In the Tags textbox, type MIM, MIM2016, FIM, FIM 2010, FIM Technical Article, FIM Troubleshooting Article.
  6. To post your article, click Save.


Announcing Your FIM Troubleshooting Article

To make your new troubleshooting article discoverable, you should:

In addition to the MIM forum, you might also want to think about posting an announcement to the MIM Group on facebook.


See Also

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