The purpose of this article is to explain briefly how the ILM/FIM forums are moderated.
Although the general guide lines on using the forums are included as reference, this article focusses on the ILM/FIM forums.

This way you know what to expect from the forum, and what the forum moderators expect from you.


  • Have a look at the "Rules of Conduct"
  • Don't forget the general netiquette.
  • Identify yourself, It's nice to know who you are talking to.
  • Mind the audience
    • The audience on the forums is mixed from newbies to experts
    • Not everyone knows as much as you
  • Know the existing escalation proceduresReport spam / abuse


  • Items that are younger than two weeks will not be touched (moderators checking of threads as answered).
  • When questions are not answered within 2 months, they will be converted to discussions.

Using the forums - 10 rules of thumb

  1. Ask in the appropriate forum
  2. Use a meaningful subject line
  3. Don't make your audience guess, add as much meaningful information as possible
  4. Be specific
  5. Describe the goal as detailed as possible
  6. Describe what you have tried already.
  7. Have the right expectations
  8. Keep the discussion focused on your subject line
  9. Close your question if it has been answered
  10. Use the '"Vote As Helpful" feature

More Information

The following links are references to external sites:

Asking Questions

  • Start a new thread if a question has been answered or if the thread is old (last activity > 2 months ago)
  • Be specific and detailed when posting your question


  • Mark posts if helpful or answered. It helps other users to find the information much more easily.
  • Posts that are marked as an answer but are clearly not an answer should be unmarked.
  • More than one post can be the answer to a thread, but this should only be done if it is clear that there is more than one answer.
  • Question-threads that are inactive and unanswered for more than 2 months will be changed to discussion. 

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