This article is a collection of the more seen issue for the spooler subsystem that you may encounter.

How to add 32 bit driver to a 64 bit Windows Server

1. Share the Printer from a 64-bit OS.
2. From a 32-bit computer, logged as a domain administrator, navigate to the printer share.
2. a. Double click Printer
2. b. Right click the share name
2. c. Click Sharing
2. d. Click Additional driver, x86 Type 3 - User Mode.

- Reference: How to: Add 32-bit print drivers on 64-bit Windows Server 2008 based print server
- Reference: Update and Manage Printer Drivers

The print work when logged as a server administrator on the computer, but not when logged as a normal user

Double check that your printer is not a hostbased's one. Host based printer rely on the computer the render the data, thus the driver often need more right into the server to operate. Often a printout from a normal user will crash the spooler.

Unofficial workaround

1. Use the universal driver. Often it will bypass the problem.
2. Use a laserjet 4 or 5's driver, EVEN if a Xerox or other brand, as the PCL's standard come from those model, and it work on any model. The drawback ? 300dpi...

- Reference: HP Color LaserJet and LaserJet Products - Explanation of Host-Based Driver

PDF printing. The printout is too big in the spooler

You will see that a *lot* of time in architect or designer's office on plotter. In CAD software the printout will be only some meg, while a 2-3 megs PDF will become 3-4 GIGS in the spooler.

What cause that ? A non postscript printer will. As often you have the choice to buy the printer with a postscript extension module or not. If you don't have the module, the printer might finish to send a multilayer drawing in dot by dot to the printer, thus making the printout enormous.


1. Buy a postscript module
2. If you can't, then try to print it as a image if you have to use the PDF
2. a. File -> Print -> Advanced -> "Print as a Image". (Be advised you will loose quality)
Reference: Acrobat Help / Quick fix | Print PDF as image | Acrobat, Reader